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Thought I'd post a song today.  This is a weird one that I'll bet only I love LOL.

Today's Jack and Ianto song is… )
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I heard my Jack and Ianto theme song on the way home tonight so I figured that was a sign to post another Jack and Ianto song!  

Today's song is... )
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Today's Jack and Ianto song is… )
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A couple bonus songs today since I couldn’t post over the weekend…

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Today's Jack and Ianto song is… )
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Hullo my darling dears! How I have missed you!
**group smish**

Here be updates on new chapters (really!) and what I'll be posting soon…

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Hello all my darling dears!

I swear to All The Powers That Be that I'M NOT DED!  [personal profile] thraceadams  can testify that I actually sent her some new chapters that finish up "Adam" and that I've started on the next section. I'm hoping the summer dearth of television will inspire me to new heights of creativity and get my ass in front of my computer more!!  I also had a hankering to write the next Season in my 50's Alternate Universe. Clearly the bunnies are biting. :)

In the meantime, I'm making a Jack & Ianto playlist... any ideas for songs?  I'd love to hear what music inspires Janto thoughts in you!

**hugs and kisses and other lovely things**
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Updated! I finally found the post with the "official" Canon 'Verse Theme Song: here.  I heard this song on shuffle today which started the whole playlist thing a-rollin'. :)
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Hullo my darlings! I was feeling awful because I don't have a chapter for you today and I won't be home tonight to post even if I did. I was slammed all weekend with VIB (very important betawork) and didn't have time to write. BUT thanks to the lovely and wonderful [personal profile] unrequited1984, I have a little something for you after all…

Here be story extras... )


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